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What’s the smallest number not found on Google?

April 10, 2016

A simple question really, if potentially self-contradictory.

Any 10 digit number I tried seemed to be a phone number – are there any which are not?

Even some 11 digit numbers suffer (in this context) the same fate. (This has changed quite a bit since 2008 – see here.) But, after 20 minutes searching, I did find… wait! If I write it down here as is, then, when Google indexes this page, it will cease to be not on Google.

I could write it as 19×97×11469109 (as found by the excellent Wolfram Alpha site), but I’d like to record your even smaller numbers in an easily comparable way. In any case, if your smaller number is prime, then that wouldn’t work.

I’ll just say my number is 567887 preceded by 21137.

The rules

To keep it simple, the rules are:

  1. must be a positive  whole number. (Thanks Jake)
  2. On the Google home page, enter  into the search textbox as you would on a simple calculator – no commas, spaces, alphabetic or other characters.
  3. Google must answer with a page containing the text
    “Your search –  – did not match any documents.”

I know Google responses often depend on the user location and the particular country search page used. An unmatched number in one place may be a postal order number in another.

So I’ll add the minimum number found for each country version of the Google search page.

Tell me whether you want your name or nickname acknowledged or not.

For starters, I have

Google search page Date Second part preceded by First part Found by 10 Apr 2016


preceded by


Mark Michell 10 Apr 2016


preceded by


Mark Michell 11 Jun 2017


preceded by


Daniel Philpott

Off you go. Tell me if you followed any method e.g. odd numbers, lots of one digit etc.

  1. So perhaps this is cheating, but 1597743 with any more than 4 zeros between it and the decimal point doesn’t match anything (I tried up to 1597743x10e-39). Maybe add a footnote that it must be whole numbers, or else they can be arbitrarily small? 😉

    Also interestingly, or perhaps almost inevitably, putting a decimal point at any position in your number starting 21137 returns zero results as well.

    As far as whole numbers go, I found 567887 preceded by 21108, and there’s a few others nearby your number, changing the odd digit, but this was the smallest after 5-10 minutes of arbitrary trials.

  2. Daniel Philpott permalink

    Found 563283 preceded by 21008

  3. Daniel Philpott permalink

    Found 563286 preceded by 20874

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