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Mazes of every shape

May 5, 2015

Some years ago, I wrote a program which could make mazes of arbitrary shapes. Some of the most popular shapes are that of names. For example, using my daughter’s name and a weave pattern she thought of:



  1. The image above is a JPEG file at moderate resolution. All the images below are GIF or PNG files and are much sharper.
  2. All the mazes have exactly one path between any two points in the maze, including between the single entrance and exit for any maze or separate maze component. That is, there are no circuits within the mazes.
  3. In general, I chose the entrance and exit points to maximise the maze path length. They are often (not always) near the top left and bottom right corners. I chose not to indicate these points, as I thought it would spoil the image itself.
  4. I live in Australia, where our standard paper size is A4. These bitmaps should fit neatly onto one A4 landscape page – maybe with slightly less than default margins.
  5. Currently I do not have a working copy of the program I used to generate these images. If I manage to resurrect it, I’ll put a note here that I’ve done so.
    Hooray!! Thanks to some skilled work (thanks very much, David!), I do now have a working copy of the maze program again. You can email me here with requests or suggestions.

Name Mazes

A Aaron Abby Abdullahi Adam Ahmed
Alan Alex Alexander Alexei Alice
Alicia Allie Alysa Amal Amanda
Amie Amy Andrew Angela Anja
Anne Annie Anthony Aron Arthur
Ashleigh Ashley Aurora Austin Ayan
B Babita Bailey Barbara Bede Beenita
Belinda Benjamin Bijay Bindu Bishnu
Blakarl Bobby Brandon Brandy Bree Ann
Brenda Bridey Brielle Bronwyn Brooks
C Caitlin Caleb Cameron Candice Carlos
Carmel Carrie Caroline Carter Casey
Chantell Charles Chelsea Chesnea Cheyenne
Chia Chloe Chris Christina Christine
Chuck Chyanne Claire Clare Clark
Clava Cody Colby Colin Collin
Connor Crystal Cy
D Dahlia Damen Daniel Danielle
David Deborah Debra Derek Devon
Diarmuid Digna Disni Dizzie Dominique
Dorothy Doru Dustin Dylan
E Eann Eilis Ele Eli Elia
Elidan Elizabeth Elvira Emily Emma
Erin Estela Eva Evan
F Fiona Frank Freddie Freya
G Gayle Gideon Gina Glen Grace
Graham Grant Greg
H Haley Hank Hannah Harrison Hayden
Hayley Heather Helen Henry Hillary
Holly Houssen Huda  Hunter
I Indra Isaac Isobel
J Jack Jake James Janet Janiece
Jared Jason Javo Jelle Jemiah
Jenny Jeremiah Jeremy Jerome Jess
Jesse Jessi Jessica Jesus-Russian Jesus
Jimmy Joanne John Johnathan Johnna
Jordan Jose Jos‚ Josie Josh
Joshua Juan Julia Justin Judit
K Kadi Kaitlyn Karen Kari
Katalina Katelyn Katherine Kathleen Katie
Kayla Keir Keira Keith Kelly
Kelvin Kennedy Kent Kevin Khalid
Khien Kim Kyra
L Laina Lan Lasith Laura Lauren
Lawrence Leah Lee Leila Len
Lena Leon Ligia Linda Lisa
Logan Lorelei Lucy Luke
M Maddison Maddy Madeline Madelyn Madison
Maggie Mahnaz Mallory Manuel Mara
Maree Maria Mark Marquita Marty
Mary Mathew Matt Matthew Max
Meagan Meg Megan Melany Melinda
Melissa Melisse Mhret Mia Michael
Michelle Miles Miranda Mitchell Moira-inverted
Montana Murna Myles
N Naomi Natasha Nathan Nelson Nick
Nicole Noah
O Olivia Omri O’Shanie Oskar
P-Q Pablo Paige Patrick Patriots Paul
Paula Pavitra Penny Peter Phillip
Phoenix Piti Preston
R Rachel Rami Randy Razvan Rebecca
Rhys Richard River Robert Roger
Ron Ross Russell Ryan
S Sabine Sally Sam Samantha Samuel
Sander Sandie Sanson Santi Sara
Sarah Sean Seirra Serena Sharon
Shawn Shelby Shery Shirley Simon
Siobhán Skye Sophie Stefanie Steph
Stephen Steve Steven Stewart Sujeir
Summer Sunnryi Susan Suzanne
T Tammy Taylor Taylor-Mae Teri Tessa
Thomas Tina Tobias Toby Tommy
Tracy Travis Tyler
U-V Veronica Victoria
W William Willie
X-Y Yana
Z Zach Zachary Zak Zoë
Digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, @

Other Word Mazes

I once used some of these and other mazes I’d made to form the complete text of a birthday card. Use them to make your own birthday and Christmas cards!

Use a name above, and then ‘s and room mazes to make a bedroom door sign.
Thanks for the idea Cindy!

Best Teacher (well, they should get some recognition too!)
Get well soon
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (italics)
Happy new year (300 x 200)
Merry Christmas (300 x 200)
so have a good year (200 x 125)

Animal Shapes

Most of these animal shape mazes have colouring to match the animal.

Bat Dolphin Frog Lion
Mouse Rabbit Rat Tortoise

Mazes of Other Shapes

Buildings (with building colour pattern)
A simple maze (30 x 20), but also presented as wavy, circularly wavy, circular, wiggly, zigzag and centre zigzag (which is trickiest?)
Guitar (very tricky to get the shapes looking right for this and the Harley)
Heart (for Valentine’s day)
Jigsaw puzzle piece
Jigsaw puzzle piece (inverted colouring)
Maze within a maze (150 x 100)
Maze within a maze (300 x 200)
Pyramid #1
Pyramid #2
Skateboard (starts and ends on the wheels)

Colour Patterns

These colour patterns were available. Parameters such as number of cycles or lines, lines thickness or angle and colour boundary could be configured. I could also use any image (preferably a simple one with bright strong colouring) as a colour template – see the animal shapes above.

Circle Lines – wavy Spiral – linear
Explosion Lines – zigzag Star
Flower Patchwork Sunrise
Hypercircle 1 Random areas Weave
Hypercircle 2 Spiral – exp Random per cell
Lines – straight Spiral – log Single colour

Have fun with them! Tell me what you do with them.

All text and images are copyright © Mark Michell 2001-2003, but may be used freely for non-profit purposes. Write to me about any other uses of these mazes. It would be nice of you to say where you got the images if you do use them. I have deliberately not spoiled the images themselves with such notices.


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  1. LINDA permalink

    These are really great can you make other names or are these all there is?

    • Unfortunately I’ve lost a working copy of the program I wrote to make this. I intend to have another try at getting it going again sometime. For now, what you see is what there is.

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