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Listen to your hunches

November 15, 2012

You and I – and everyone else – have hunches at times.

We feel pretty sure that the answer must be ‘xxxx’ – for a crossword, a maths problem, or an everyday puzzle of some sort. We ‘know’ what or how many or how much, sometimes before we know why.

These hunches are often us tapping semi-consciously into some half remembered pattern or a mostly forgotten method of finding out ‘properly’. Perhaps we instinctively weed out the unlikely possibilities, leaving only the ‘sensible’ solution. Or maybe we’ve started thinking about it before we know we have.

My humble advice to students has been…
Don’t trust your hunches – but do listen to them.
They may well be worth following up on, especially if you have no other leads.

And now there is some experimental evidence for this here.

There you go – sometimes you are smarter than you think!

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